Public beach shower drains clogged in Waikiki

Kuhio Beach, Waikiki

Many beachgoers in Waikiki like to shower the salt water off after going into the ocean, but one viewer told KHON2 via Report It that clogged public beach shower drains are starting to resemble a marsh.

An outdoor shower at Kuhio Beach gets plenty of use, maybe too much. Callers say the drain gets blocked and the sitting water is a breeding ground for algae.

Honolulu mayor Kirk Caldwell told KHON2 he would notify Michelle Nekota, the city’s new parks and recreation director, to check on the problem. “she’s very good at responding,” he said.

The Kuhio Beach shower has standing water six inches deep in some parts with obvious algae growth.

“We do have drainage problems at some of our heavily used showers and we need to clear them and open them up so they drain properly,” Caldwell said.

Beachgoers KHON2 talked with noticed the problem, but didn’t let it stop them from using the shower.

“If it was on a ramp or something where the water would flow downhill or some pipes, it would actually work better,” said visitor Jarrod Kelly.

The problem is ongoing. One maintenance worker said the triangular stones surrounding the basin of the shower weigh a hundred pounds. It takes two workers to move the stones and there are times the extra help is not available.

Plus, the shower is on the beach, which means “sand can get into the drainage system,” Caldwell said. “That’s probably the problem today and we’ll go down and check it out, and if we can fix it quickly, we’ll do exactly that.”

“A plumber would be able to fix it, I don’t see why not,” Kelly said. “It just seems like there’s a blockage in the pipes. Should be a quick fix.”

One young visitor from Virginia said the shower reminded him of home. “It looked like my pond, what it used to look like except we put dirt in it,” said visitor Matthew Cross. “It had a whole bunch of algae in it, but it was deeper than that.”

Late Tuesday afternoon, KHON2 received an update from Nekota: a vacuum truck will be on the scene Wednesday morning to take care of the problem.

In the meantime, health officials say if you have an open cut or wound, it’s a good idea to stay out of this kind of standing water.

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