State opens gift shop in Diamond Head Crater

Diamond Head Crater

Visitors to Diamond Head State Monument will now be able to take home souvenirs.

The state Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, which operates the park, opened a new kiosk and gift shop Tuesday.

Along with books about the cultural and natural history of Diamond Head, the kiosk also offers T-shirts and other memorabilia in order to “share with Hawaii, share with the rest of the world, our ongoing efforts to making this place much better, not only for the local residents but also for our visitors,” said DLNR chair William Aila Jr.

The kiosk is located in Diamond Head Crater and is the result of a partnership between DLNR and Pacific Historic Parks, which operates similar gift shops at Pearl Harbor and Kalaupapa.

“Our goal is to enhance the visitor experience at Diamond Head by offering high-quality, educational materials,” said Gene Caliwag, president and CEO of Pacific Historic Parks. “These will help tell stories, commemorate events and, most importantly, keep history alive for future generations.”

The money made at the kiosk will go toward preservation and conservation efforts at the park.

diamond head gift shop shirts

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