Waianae family seeks volunteers to continue search for teen

Richard "Kalani" Vierra

Firefighters may soon end their search for a 15-year-old Waianae boy who has been missing since Saturday.

If the search team does not find any significant leads by sundown, they will call off their search.

So far, there has been no trace of Richard Vierra, also known as Kalani. He went hiking alone on a trail at Kamaile Mountain and hasn’t been seen since.

But the community will continue searching for Vierra, even when officials stop. Many friends and even strangers are pitching in to help, donating their time, supplies and even drones to help find him.

On Tuesday, several people in the Waianae community used their own drones to search the trails and valleys of the mountain. They’re hoping they can cover area that might be difficult to access.

About 40 people have visited 808 Gracie Fighter, which is where Vierra trained. His coach is helping with the search and says people have been stopping by to offer help and even donating supplies, including water.

“We’ve got guys on the mountain right now. We got an ex-Marine. We have a bunch of hunters on the mountain, plus the fire department’s up there right now, plus they had a helicopter. We had a drone flying around this morning,” said Johanne Mitchell, Vierra’s coach.

“I really appreciate all the volunteers that’s been coming around looking for my son,” said Vierra’s mother, Dolly.

Fire officials say they expanded their search to a larger area Tuesday, but have not found any signs of Vierra.

Volunteers will continue searching for Kalani Wednesday.

If you would like to help, stop by 808 Gracie Fighter, 84-1170 Farrington Hwy., Suite A2-AA.

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