Maunalua Bay restrooms closed once again for maintenance

Maunalua Bay

The public restrooms at Maunalua Bay reopened in April following a three-year closure for construction.

But now, as a viewer notified us via Report It, the restrooms are closed again.

The only explanation is a sign that says “July 8, 2014. Restrooms closed for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Hawaii Kai residents Carol Jaxon and Jennifer Roberts are both used to having the Maunalua Bay bathrooms closed.

maunalua bathroom sign

“Now it’s closed boarded up and there are Port-A-Potties here and that doesn’t look like a good sign to me,” said Jaxon.

“You just have to plan your life around if you want to hang at this park. You have to know there is no bathroom available,” said Roberts.

In February 2011, the bathrooms closed because the cesspool did not meet health department requirements.

The bathrooms were connected to the sewer system and reopened three years later. The project cost $407,000.

“Now it’s closed again and there doesn’t seem to be any explanation or any notification of when it might open again,” Roberts said. “The fact that the bathroom has only been closed a couple of days and they’ve already installed Port-A-Potties makes us think it’s going to be closed for an extended period of time.”

When KHON2 went to visit the facility Wednesday, no crews were working.

However, later in the day, city parks and recreation director Michele Nekota sent over a statement that said: “The Maunalua Bay comfort station is closed temporarily from July 8-11 for routine maintenance that includes pressure washing and applying a protective sealant to the facility. The comfort station is planned to reopen, weather permitting, by this Saturday, July 12.”

Bay regulars are hoping the city stays true to its word. “We’d like to have our public bathroom open to us when we want to use the bay,” Roberts said.

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