Hawaii Pacific Health’s senior workshops also benefit students

Hawaii Pacific Health senior workshop

Hawaii Pacific Health sponsors workshops for seniors to give them the latest and best information regarding health care.

It’s a win-win for both seniors and students, who participate as part of Hawaii Pacific Health’s Summer Student Research Program.

“I think it’s so important because we gain a lot of knowledge about what we can do to better our lives,” said Cecilia Lindo, Hawaiian Club.

Subjects cover everything from diabetes prevention and treatment to hearing and vision impairment.

“I’m so happy to see them, because I have granddaughters and they are so in love with their grandpa. They’re always talking about them, just like she was saying, he meant so much to her,” Lindo said.

The Summer Student Research Program provides a limited number of college and university students the opportunity to participate in a clinical research study and a medical curriculum organized by Hawaii Pacific Health.

While not all of the research scholars will wind up in geriatric medicine or even medicine in general, they understand the importance of this type of gathering for the seniors.

“They socialize, learn about health issues, what they can do to prevent all these diseases that are associated with the aging process,” said research scholar Kayla Murata.

“I find that it’s just so important to them. They really light up when you come and talk to them about yourself, about their lives, just checking in to see how they’re doing,” said research scholar Theresa Porter.

Each scholar has a particular reason they are involved in the program.

“I’m native Hawaiian. I feel a deep connection to this place and a responsibility to the people because I come on the back of generations that have been here,” said research scholar Noa Yee.

“We get to meet doctors every day, get to hear their life stories and kind of see a little bit of us in them and and hopefully be able to follow in their footsteps,” Murata said.

When you talk with these young people, you understand our future is in good hands.

“My calling, I think, is healing. While I’m only 20 years old, the summer student research program has given me an opportunity to be a healer when I can’t cure,” Yee said.

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