Horse falls through trailer, dies along West Oahu on-ramp


An uncommon accident near the H-1 killed a horse Thursday afternoon.

Police and fire officials tell us the horse broke through the trailer he was in.

So what happened and how are trailers regulated?

Trailers are just like cars and need to be inspected on a regular basis to help keep the roads safe.

From this traffic camera on the H-1, you can see emergency vehicles parked on the side of the Kunia on-ramp. What you don’t see, is emergency responders helping a horse, and its owner. It happened just after 3:30 on Thursday afternoon. That’s when fire officials say, a horse in a 40-foot-long trailer, broke through the bottom of the trailer as it was heading west, about to get on the freeway. Unfortunately, the horse got wedged underneath the trailer and died.

The four other horses on the trailer were not injured, so the owner continued on the journey heading west on the freeway.

“I’m surprised it happened, but I’m heartbroken for the horse as well for the owner,” said Diane Cornish with Equine 808 Horse Rescue.

She was not called to help with this incident and neither was the Hawaiian Humane Society. But Cornish does know about the importance of trailer safety, and says trailers are supposed to be inspected by the state every year. Emergency responders did not tell us who owned the animals or if the trailer was recently inspected. But Cornish says, a trailer, should do its job.

“Are trailers durable enough to withstand livestock?” KHON2 asked.

“Yes, trailers that are made to handle livestock do have the capability and the durability to withstand the kind of pressures that livestock put upon a trailer,” Cornish said.

“Just because something was manufactured to handle an animal, doesn’t mean it was always in that condition if if it’s not properly maintained,” she said.

She even suggests getting trailers inspected more than once a year. And Cornish believes owners should go around the trailer to make sure everything is in good working order before even putting the animals in.

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