Victim’s family, supporters rally against Deedy

Punchbowl St.

The family of Kollin Elderts, along with friends and supporters, marched through Downtown Honolulu Friday afternoon with a message.

They’re asking that the State Department fire agent Christopher Deedy, who shot and killed Elderts at a Waikiki McDonald’s in 2011.

“We truly believe that Kollin could have been any one of our sons and any one of daughters. He did nothing wrong. He was a little kolohe, but he never did a single thing that would warrant being executed,” said Kalama Niheu, spokesperson for the Coalition for Justice for Kollin Elderts.

Friday’s supporters planned to deliver the first 1,400 signatures to the State Department’s office on Bishop Street, but say they were unable to deliver the petition because the office was closed. They told KHON2 they will mail it to the State Department instead.

Supporters continued their march, heading toward Circuit Court. They voiced their concerns and even gathered in prayer.

“They continue to keep him in their employee. The U.S…. is declaring Kollin’s murder a good kill. As the retrial of Agent Deedy begins, help us find justice and fight to ensure that he will never be able to hide behind a badge again,” said Ikaika Elderts Bruhn, Kollin’s brother.

“It is incomprehensible to us that we and the people of Hawaii would allow anyone to carry a badge while drinking alcohol and fire three random shots into a crowded McDonald’s, one killing my brother,” said Zachary Elderts, Kollin’s brother.

The topic of drinking and intoxication also came up during Friday’s trial. Dr. Kyle Perry examined Deedy just hours after the shooting.

“Did he exhibit any signs of alcohol intoxication?” asked prosecuting attorney Janice Futa.

“None that I have documented,” Dr. Perry said.

“Did you notice any odor of alcohol about the defendant?” Futa asked.

“I don’t recall,” Dr. Perry said.

Deedy’s trial resumes on Tuesday.

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