Bottle of water leads to Kentucky robbery arrests

Kentucky robbery victim
Kentucky robbery victim

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE/CNN) – Police say three men broke into an elderly woman’s home, held her at gunpoint, and took thousands in jewelry and money.

Luckily, one of the men got thirsty and left a valuable piece of evidence behind.

The victim’s name and face are removed from this story to protect her because what happened to her still has her shook up.

On July 5, police say three men broke into this woman’s home on Southside Drive.

She says she was home alone when she heard her someone breaking in.

She says they put a gun to her head and zip tied her hands and ankles. You can still see the bruise on her wrist.

The woman says the men were in her home for two hours. They eventually took off with several items including money and jewelry.

With her hands and ankles tied, she sat on her bed and waited to make sure the men were gone.

Every night she says she has an apple before she goes to bed, and uses a knife in her dresser to slice it.

Well, the knife came in handy that night because she used it to cut herself free.

She ran across the street to a neighbor who called police.

The woman says she didn’t have her glasses on, so she didn’t really know what the robbers looked like.
But, one left behind some evidence.

Police say he took a bottle of water from her refrigerator and then left it behind.

A fingerprint on that bottle pointed to 23-year-old Michael Decker.

He was arrested on Friday and police say he admitted to the crime and told police 23-year-old Nathon Kelso and 22-year-old Rakeem Bentley were his accomplices.

Kelso was arrested on Saturday. Bentley is still at large.

The victim say she says came from Vietnam 25 years ago for a better life and has never had any problems.

Now, the robbery makes her fear for her safety.

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