Home Depot now selling 3-D printers

Makerbot at Home Depot
Makerbot at Home Depot

(CNN) – Home Depot is taking its first major step into the 3-D printer market.

Under a pilot program, it began selling MarkerBot printers in a dozen of its stores in California, Illinois and New York on Monday.

The printers are used to make 3-D plastic objects.

Each store that sells them has a kiosk staffed by MakerBot workers to demonstrate how they work, and print small keepsakes for customers.

Home Depot has been selling the printers on its website for the past three months, but this is the first time it has sold them in its stores.

The LA Times reports MakerBot sells 3-D printers and scanners ranging in price from 800 to 2,900 dollars.

The official news release by MakerBot did not say how much they would be sold for inside the Home Depot.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports this is the first time a major retailer has sold a line of 3-D printers in-store.

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