Texas boy unknowingly sets a world record during a two-mile run

8-year-old Andruw Villa
8-year-old Andruw Villa

SAN ANGELO, TX (KSAN/CNN) – Three weeks ago, eight-year-old Andruw Villa and his blazing two-mile run fascinated spectators at the Texas Amateur Track Federation meet in San Angelo, Texas.

Many in the crowd didn’t know it — but Villa set a world record in his age group.

KSAN talked to the boy and his coach, Jeff Villa, whom Andruw also calls “Dad.”

Back on June 21, the Abilene, Texas boy ran competitively for the first time in a two-mile race. Villa blew spectators away with his time of 11 minutes, 48 seconds. A time that beat the previous world record by almost a full second.

“I was just blown away by it because he wasn’t even trying. If he would have knew that there was a record to beat, I can only imagine what he could have done if he knew it was coming. If he could plan for it, I guarantee you he could have beat it by so much more the way that he works,” Jeff said.

And work is exactly what Andruw loves to do. The eight-year-old gives up pool parties, sodas and sugary snacks on a daily basis and replaces them with this … “We do sled, parachutes, bungees. We sprint and we run a lot. We do laps in the pool and we run in the pool,” Jeff said.

Andruw will compete at the Texas Amateur Track Federation state meet next weekend in College Station and he knows just how close he is to running away with multiple world records to his name.

“He’s only two seconds away from beating the 1500 meter. He would have beat the 1000 meter world record yesterday if he would have ran it. Every record is right there on his finger tips and he’s just ready to grab everyone of them he can,” Jeff said.

Andruw has a chance to set world records in five events.

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