Girl finds owner of GoPro camera weeks after its lost in a Georgia river

Lost GoPro
Lost GoPro

HELEN, Ga. (WXIA/CNN) – A 12-year-old Kentucky girl found a camera in a Georgia river. That’s not news.

What is news is the lengths she went to just to find its owner.

WXIA website
WXIA website

WXIA recounts the incredible story.

“It’s a moment of shame I learned my lesson from. I woke up this morning and learned that it was gonna carry on,” Nathan Palmer said.

Carried on by this little camera.

“I was with my daughter and she was bummed that we weren’t going to get into the river, so she created scenarios where she kept falling out,” Palmer said. “And when she did I ended up losing the camera in the process.”

We can follow the story for the next hour, as it bumps, scrapes and settles among the fish, then the battery dies and it sits there for a whole week.

Then 12-year-old Emily Root fishes it out.

12-year-old Emily Root
12-year-old Emily Root

“We just kinda found the camera underneath a rock,” Emily said.

“She could’ve made a bad choice, no one would have ever known,” Palmer said.

Instead, she made the right choice, and now everyone knows.

When colleagues started messaging this Georgia Southern Professor, he was confused about why a WXIA story about him was all over the Internet.

“Because it just seemed like that was just out of the realm of possibility, no sane person would believe that their camera would return to them three weeks later because of the greatness of a 12-year-old girl,” Palmer said. “So I get my memories back and I get a whole new memory that I will never forget.”

The camera is now on its way back to Palmer, and both families are hoping they’ll get to meet in person, eventually.

The happy ending had many calling for GoPro to suit Emily up with one of everything they make.

Her family declined even the suggestion, saying they’d rather it be donated to a group for sick kids so they can capture their memories.

That’s a pretty awesome 12-year-old.

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