McDonald’s employee testifies during Deedy’s re-trial

Surveillance video

Tuesday was day three of Christopher Deedy’s re-trial.

The federal agent is charged with the shooting death of Kollin Elderts in 2011.

Deedy was in Honolulu to provide security at the APEC conference. He and Elderts happened to be in the same McDonald’s in Waikiki when the shooting occurred.

Brandalynn Salzbrenner, an employee who was working behind the counter that night, testified in court Tuesday that the altercation began when one of Deedy’s friends gave “stink eye” to one of Eldert’s friends.

“It’s like when you’re looking at somebody, but you’re not looking at them properly,” Salzbrenner said.

“So this stink eye, it was directed toward someone? Or who was it directed toward?” asked deputy prosecutor Janice Futa.

“I don’t think it was directed toward him. I think Shane (Medeiros, Eldert’s friend) had turned around and thought it was directed towards him,” Salzbrenner replied.

The re-trial continues Wednesday with more witness testimony.

Deedy’s first murder trial ended in a mistrial when jurors could not agree on a verdict.

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