Navy, BWS update residents on fuel leak

Red Hill fuel storage facility

Residents in the Red Hill area got an update from the Navy, state Department of Health and Board of Water supply about the fuel leak from the Navy’s storage facility there.

In January, about 27,000 gallons leaked into the ground.

Officials say so far it has not gotten into the underground water supply.

“For Red Hill, and our board of water supply, five drinking water wells that are closest to the red hill fuel tank facility we continue to test the water on a quarterly basis for petroleum contamination,” Ernest Lau of the Board of Water Supply said.

“We most recently we have tested the water. we test it on a quarterly basis and the water is safe to drink. We are wholly committed to making sure this strategic asset remains in our inventory in the future while at the same time making sure that the drinking water here on oahu, our precious drinking water source, remains safe well into the future,” Naval Facilities Engineering Command Hawaii Capt. Mike Williamson said.

The Navy’s Red Hill fuel tanks were installed in the 1940s.

There are 20 of them.

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