Marcus Mariota, Manti Te’o meet for the first time

Manti Te'o and Marcus Mariota

A Heisman Trophy award runner-up in 2012, and a Heisman favorite for 2014.

Today, two of the biggest football stars in our state’s history made an appearance at the Downtown Athletic Club’s monthly get together.

San Diego Charger linebacker Manti Te’o, and University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota were both featured speakers at the Hukilau restaurant in Honolulu.

An estimated of over 200 packed the intimate setting, where believe it or not, the Punahou grad Te’o, and the Saint Louis alum Mariota, had never met prior to the function.

“Now I’m sitting next to him, it’s truly an honor,” said Mariota. “Three years ago you would’ve told me I’d be sitting here, I would’ve laughed. You know, it’s all surreal. My family always says enjoy every experience. Take the most out of every single one and it’s just been a blast today.”

“I tell the young guys in high school we have our rivalries in high school, you know Punahou, Saint Louis, Iolani, we have those rivalries,” Te’o said. “Standing at Ward Theatre was giving us like the stink eye. You know we have those, but once you graduate from high school and you go and play college football, it becomes Hawaii versus everyone. The 808 versus every other state out there, and ever since Marcus got into college and started to do his thing, I’m a big Marcus Mariota fan.”

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