Day 5: Retired HPD sergeant testifies during Deedy’s re-trial

Retired HPD Sgt. Kenneth Shreiner

The supervising officer who was on the scene the night Christopher Deedy shot and killed Kollin Elderts at a Waikiki McDonalds in 2011 took the witness stand Thursday morning.

Sgt. Kenneth Schreiner, now retired from the Honolulu Police Department after 27 years, testified on day five of the murder re-trial.

He said the state department special agent was calm and cooperative when approached by officers, and was surprised to learn that Deedy was a federal agent.

“There was a man on the ground on his back and another male kneeling next to him and both appeared to be covered with blood,” he said.

Schreiner said Deedy stayed next to Elderts until firefighters and paramedics arrived and remained in the area until officers pulled him aside for a pat down.

“When you first came in and you saw him rendering aid, you didn’t order him away at that point, did you?” asked defense attorney Thomas Otake.

“No, I did not,” Schreiner responded.

Schreiner said Deedy told officers he had a gun and said, “Yes, I shot him,” when referring to 23-year-old Elderts.

Schreiner said officers recovered his gun, arrested and handcuffed him and escorted him into an adjacent dining room.

“His eyes were glassy, and when he did speak and responded to our initial question, his speech was slurred and he did have a strong odor of what appeared to be alcohol on his breath,” Schreiner testified. “He appeared to be intoxicated.”

Deedy was in Honolulu on November 5, 2011, to provide security at the APEC conference.

The prosecution says Deedy used his gun and intentionally killed Elderts.

Deedy’s defense attorney said the agent acted in self-defense and it was not murder.

Deedy first trial ended in a mistrial when jurors could not agree on a verdict.

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