Seal pups rescued in Canada

Newborn seals separated from mothers get new home at Vancouver Aquarium

Harbour seal
Harbour seal

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CBC News/CNN) — Four newborn seal pups, some with their umbilical cords still attached, are being cared for by the Vancouver Aquarium after being rescued from B.C. shores on Tuesday.

B.C. resident Mark Levagood and his daughter saw one of the exhausted seal pups struggling to get onto a rock on Ogden Point in Victoria.

The male pup, which has been named Tantalum by volunteers, was airlifted to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, where it is now recovering.

Manager Lindsaye Akhurst said the seal pup is doing fairly well, but had been through a lot before being rescued.

It’s birthing season for seals in B.C.

And that means it’s a busy time of year for Vancouver’s aquarium.

During harbour seal birthing season, newborns often get separated from their mothers and need a new home for a little while.

Several lost pups have been discovered this week.

The aquarium has taken care of more than 40 of these temporary guests in the last month.

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