Top 10: What you need to know about Tropical Storm Wali

Click here for current conditions and forecast for Tropical Storm Wali.

1. Although currently a tropical storm, Wali is not expected to be at tropical storm strength near Hawaii, possibly dissipating east of the islands.

2. Remnant rain from the system could reach the islands Saturday night starting with the Big Island.

3. The days that could see the heaviest rains are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

4. Thunderstorms are possible Sunday and Monday.

5. Winds are not expected to be strong, however there may be some downbursts near thunderstorms.

6. The last tropical storm remnants to move through the state was Flossie of 2013.

7. The remnants of Flossie knocked out power to 10,000 residences, mostly on Maui County and Big Island.

8. Wali is the first tropical cyclone to form in the Central Pacific in 2014, while most storms that affect Hawaii are usually born in the East Pacific. All cyclones that form in the Central Pacific are given Hawaiian names.

9. Wali means “smooth” or “to smoothen” in Hawaiian.

10. Watch KHON2’s “Surviving A Storm” to learn about Hawaiian hurricane history, the science behind storms and how to better prepare.

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