Work crews hope to repair broken Kailua sewer line by weekend

The city said Friday that work crews will dig down another 8 to 10 feet to reach a broken sewer line in Kailua.

They hope to reach the pipe, at latest, by 5 p.m. Friday.

Mark Yonamine, acting director of the Dept. of Design and Construction, said he hopes the job will be complete by the weekend before Wali’s arrival to Oahu with possible heavy rains.

“Once we expose (the pipe), we’ll know how long the fix will be,” Yonamine said, “but if we expose it later on this afternoon, and working into the night, hopefully we can fix it (sometime) Saturday, then we’ll start back filling and repaving this area.”

Estimated repair costs are expected to be between $200,000-$300,000 because of the round-the-clock contracted work.

“This is a 15-inch reinforced concrete pipe,” Yonamine said. “It was installed, according to our records, in 1958, so it’s been a while. But there are other pipes that have been installed during that time, so it’s not so much the age, but just the location and different variables (as to) why this pipe may have cracked or been compromised.”

Motorists are still advised to use caution driving into Kailua town as work continues at the intersection of Hamakua Drive and Kailua Road.

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