Cocky meth makers caught on camera

meth makers georgia

(WSAV/CNN) — It seems like everyone is into selfies these days, even criminals.

Police say a set of suspects in Georgia actually recorded themselves making meth.

That video that may help prosecutors send the group to prison.

“Motor,” or meth, was the main topic of a home video made by four people, Christopher Mosely, Melanie Sykes, and Wesley and Jessica Lanier.

Investigators say it was made inside the Laniers’ garage, where they were manufacturing the dangerous drug.

But these weren’t just “cooks.” The video, obtained from the Effingham County sheriff’s drug suppression unit, shows Wesley Lanier taking several hits, and then later his wife taking her turn on the pipe.

Drug suppression agents found the video on a cell phone right after they busted the lab, which was surrounded by old, buried one pot meth labs.

Investigator Steve Blunt says these cooks’ cockiness may have led to their downfall.

“They are quite conceited about their role in the manufacturing process,” he said. “They consider themselves rock stars in their little community. So for them to film themselves doing it was surprising, they were that stupid, But it doesn’t surprise me that they wanted a video of them doing it.”

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