Windward residents soldier on after storm

Even after the rain went away Sunday afternoon, there were some windward residents and visitors still feeling the impact of the previous night’s storm.

Water is not an unusual sight on the windward side, but the debris brought down by mountain streams was significant.

Windward resident Norman Jussaume spends much of his spare time fishing and he says storm events like this make it tough.

“Debris in the water is always bad for the economy, especially the fish, the ecology,” he said. “You don’t want that in the water.”

Overnight, the stream at Waikane Bridge overflowed its banks — a mother and her son had to be rescued when their car got flooded — and that was not the only stream to overflow on the windward side.

The intense, overnight rain affected businesses as well.

“Usually when the debris gathers up by the bridge, it pushes the river back onto itself,” said windward resident Charlene Hoe. “Other than that, it rarely happens.”

Calvin Hoe and his wife Charlene own the Waiahole Poi Factory, a small shop and restaurant, along Kamehameha Highway and they had lots of help from their ohana in the cleanup activity.

“We’re all related from Hauula, all the way to Kaneohe, so when things like this happens, everybody just comes and cleans up,” he said.

He calls the ohana his insurance policy. The Hoes said this doesn’t happen often. but enough to make them want the problem to be fixed.

“We’re patient. We would like help as soon as we can, but if other people need the help more than us, we’re willing to wait.”

The debris seen in the ocean on Sunday is a reminder that what happens mauka can definitely impact what happens makai.

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