Campbell soup adding organic line to boost sales

Cans of condensed soup aren’t exactly at the forefront of food trends.

So Campbell is turning to organic varieties that come in rectangular cartons to help boost its struggling sales.

Campbell Soup Co., based in Camden, New Jersey, says it will roll out its first organic ready-to-eat soups under the Campbell brand in January.

That’s when soup sales typically tend to rise as temperatures drop. It’s one of many moves the 145-year-old company is planning in hopes of driving sales in its flagship unit, which has suffered amid the proliferation of competing brands and the ready-to-eat soups sold in the hot food areas of supermarkets and elsewhere.

Part of the problem is that the image of canned foods has suffered as people shift toward foods they feel are fresh or natural.

In hopes of addressing that perception, Campbell has also been revamping recipes to improve taste and in late 2012 rolled out a line of “Go” soups that come in pouches and can be microwaved in a few minutes.

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