Community gives input, gets update on airport rail station

Rail airport meeting
Rail airport meeting

The public gave their input on the rail stations planned for the area near Honolulu International Airport Tuesday night.

This will impact residents and businesses near the airport, Pearl Harbor Naval Base and Lagoon Drive.

“They want to protect existing neighborhoods but enhance them, make them more walkable, bikeable, gathering spaces, useable parks, active street scape, places to go and hang out, have dinner and meet friends but that’s in every single neighborhood so far,” said Harrison Rue of the city’s Transit-Oriented Development office.

“There will be some tweaking, especially on the airport station, because of the distance of the station to the actual gates, the airport gates, the airport check-in counter and so forth. The parking within the airport and the lagoon area is a major issue,” said Fred Spencer, who works in the area.

There will be 19 rails stations along the city’s 20-mile rail transit route.

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