Sewage overflow spills into Ala Wai Canal, popular surf spots

Ahe Street, Palolo

The public is advised to stay out of Palolo Stream, Ala Wai Canal, Magic Island and several surf spots due to a sewage overflow.

For Frankye Besas, Tuesday’s fishing trip to Magic Island was all catch and release.

“I noticed the sign. They came this morning to post the signs and said there was a sewage spill in Palolo,” Besas said. “(So) as we catch the fish, we just throw it back.”

palolo sewage tricycle

According to the Department of Health’s Clean Water Branch, tricycle parts, clothing, rocks and sticks caused a sewer manhole overflow at 2171 Ahe Street.

The debris included two boulders roughly the size of five-gallon buckets.

Officials are calling the blockage “malicious” because someone had to intentionally lift the manhole cover to throw those items inside.

An estimated 40,000 gallons of untreated wastewater have entered in Palolo Stream and flowed to Ala Wai Canal.

City crews were on site since 10:30 p.m. Monday trying to clear the blockage. After hours of continuous flow, crews managed to reroute some of the water just before 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Warning signs are posted. Surf sites include Bamburas, Ala Moana Bowl, Rockpile, In-Betweens and Kaiser Bowl.

As for those who use the contaminated areas, they just hope it will be cleaned up soon they can go back to enjoying themselves.

“My concern is that it can be sitting there for weeks and weeks,” Besas said.

Officials expect the 40,000-gallon estimate to go up after everything is tested.

Magic Island
Magic Island

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