Thieves caught stealing bags of cans

Recyclables stolen from home
Recyclables stolen from home

Electronics, jewelry, and cash — all things thieves are known to steal. But these days, thieves will take just about anything.

A surveillance camera was rolling as two people stole bags of recyclables from a Kapahulu family’s garage.

The home is located on Paliuli Street, off Kapahulu Avenue.

There’s now a big empty spot where the bags of cans used to be.

“Seven bags that my grandpa has collected over time from parks, all over, and our own home,” said Kelsey, one of the family members.

Fruits of labor — now gone.

“So it’s like a hobby that he uses for his personal spending money,” Kelsey said.

They installed surveillance cameras more so to keep an eye on their older family members.

“We want to make sure they’re not walking out of the house or getting hurt outside,” Kelsey said.

Never did they think they’d catch thieves in action.

“When I saw this video it was a little frustrating and scary because it is your own home and knowing that people scope it out and look to see if you’re home, it’s a little scary. And you don’t know if they’re coming back for more. That’s the only thing that’s frightening,” Kelsey said.

The thieves were in and out in less than a minute. Seven bags of cans gone, amounting to about $17.

“It’s a weird object to take but it’s for cash so it’s easy to get rid of,” Kelsey said.

Charlotte Martin lives across the street.

KHON2 asked: “Are you surprised someone would be sold bold?”

Martin replied: “No, not at this time. A lot of people need money and so they’re going to do anything to make money.”

Neighbor Guy Chung is also not surprised. He says their neighborhood has had its share of thefts.

“You know where they come and take cans, or down there they took someone’s tools, or across from me they take people’s clothes off the line,” Chung said.

Kelsey said they’ve always stored their bags of cans in their garage, and have never had a problem before.

She put the video on YouTube to raise awareness, plus: “I’m just hoping that people who intend to do this kind of thing think twice about what they’re doing, and also it’s not only wrong, it defeats someone’s sense of security in their own home.”

Kelsey says her family didn’t report it, but police say it’s still a good idea to report all crimes no matter how small you may think it is. It could be part of a crime trend, or evidence from one case can sometimes help solve another.

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