Victim hopes car thief took anti-drug messages to heart

Georgi DeCosta kept several anti-meth signs in the backseat of her car.

There’s irony and then there’s a twist of fate. An auto theft in Kaneohe may have been a case of both.

Georgi DeCosta is grateful to have her Toyota back in her possession. Her car was stolen from her apartment in Kaneohe last week.

She believes whoever did it was surprised to see what was inside.

“Much of my outreach supplies were in the backseat,” she said. “It is a weird twist. I can only imagine what they were thinking when they started taking out all of my things, because believe me, they did empty everything of mine out of the car.”

What they found were banners and signs filled with anti-meth messages. DeCosta is the program director for the Hawaii Meth Project.

“You know finding a sign like this, when you are smoking ice at the time, high on ice, I can only imagine,” she said.

DeCosta’s car was found less than 24 hours later, and here’s where the irony comes in. When DeCosta got her car back, she noticed the thief had left something behind.

“A sunglasses case with a meth pipe with fresh meth in it and a little baggy of meth,” she said. There was also some marijuana.

While finding drugs was disturbing, it’s what was in the backseat that saddened her.

“They had little baby outfits, Huggies wipes things like that, so these people have families. They have people who care for them and they’re addicted,” she said.

DeCosta hopes whoever stole her car may have seen this to be a sign to make a change.

“Hopefully they’re thinking twice, to think they need to call home, thinking to maybe get help knowing there are people out there fighting the fight to help other kids not go down that road,” she said.

It’s renewed her commitment to make a difference.

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