Former Marine who witnessed fight, shooting testifies in Deedy’s re-trial

Alexander Byrd

A former U.S. Marine who was in the Waikiki McDonald’s the night federal agent Christopher Deedy shot and killed Kollin Elderts took the stand Wednesday.

Alexander Byrd says he saw all those involved in the incident that led to a fight and deadly shooting, and even demonstrated it in court.

Byrd said he watched Deedy and Elderts scuffle for five to six seconds, and said he never knew Deedy was a law enforcement officer.

“He didn’t look professional in any way. He didn’t look like somebody who would be enforcing any law. He just looked like a drunk tourist,” Byrd said.

Defense attorney Thomas Otake pointed out several inconsistencies in Byrd’s previous testimony to what he says now.

“‘(I) knocked over the toy display and I just grabbed the female I was with and just ran out.’ That’s what you said right, to the grand jury?” Otake said.

“Yes,” Byrd said.

“Was the toy display knocked over?” Otake asked.

“No,” Byrd said.

“Did you run out of there with a female?” Otake asked.

“No,” Byrd said.

Otake also pointed out that Byrd did not stay to give a statement to the police.

The trial resumes Thursday.

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