‘Creepy’ porcelain dolls resembling young girls placed in front California homes

Some Orange County parents have contacted authorities after finding porcelain dolls that look like their children on their porches

'Creepy' dolls
'Creepy' dolls

SAN CLEMENTE, CA (KTLA/CNN) – Some parents in California have contacted authorities after finding dolls that look like their children on their doorsteps.

Many nerves were rattled in the San Clemente community today, as news spread that someone is leaving porcelain dolls on the front doorsteps of homes where little girls live.

“I would say creepy or very unusual,” Orange County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jeff Hallock said.

Lieutenant Hallock says at least 8 families in the Talega area have had dolls left on their porches in the past few days.

“There’s an indication by some of the parents that the dolls resemble their daughters, and we’re talking about children here,” Lt. Jeff Hallock said.

Most of the children are around the age of ten and attend the same elementary school.

The OCSD is investigating the connection, and whether this is a prank or a sexual predator.

No notes or threats were attached.

The victims and their neighbors were too scared to talk to us on camera, but some San Clemente moms with daughters similar ages were freaked out.

“You don’t hear or see anything like that. Only in the movies…” one mother said.

Wooden dolls reported after story aired
Wooden dolls reported after story aired

“Oh, I would freak out. That would scare me, definitely,” another mother added.

“We’re in a bubble here in south Orange County,” the mother said.

“I’d just be really scared, like I don’t think I could sleep at night,” said a girl.

And in a strange twist another woman who did not want to be on camera showed us these wooden dolls she found on her front step two weeks ago. She has a five and half year old daughter.

When she heard about the news today she decided it was time to file a police report.

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