Day 9: Defense calls Deedy’s friend to the stand

Adam Gutowski

The murder re-trial of Christopher Deedy continued Thursday with one of the federal agent’s friends taking the stand.

Adam Gutowski described what happened the night Deedy opened fire at a Waikiki McDonald’s, killing Kollin Elderts in November 2011.

He referred to security video that showed Gutowski standing between Deedy and Elderts, just seconds before shots were fired.

“What were you trying to do at the McDonalds that night when you walked up to Mr. Elders?” asked defense attorney Thomas Otake.

“I was very much try to keep Kollin from getting to Chris. I was concerned that if Kollin got to Chris, something bad would happen and that’s purely what I was trying to keep from happening,” he said. “I was very afraid that it would happen and that’s why I involved to try to block Kollin from getting to Chris.”

Gutowski said he knew Deedy was armed that night.

The retrial continues Friday.

Deedy is expected to take the stand sometime next week.

From our archives:

Watch KHON2’s coverage of Gutowski’s testimony from Deedy’s first trial last year:

KHON2’s Manolo Morales explains what happened in the surveillance video:

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