Maui Council to consider ban on polystyrene food containers

The Maui County Council Infrastructure and Environmental Management Committee (IEM) is considering a bill on Monday to ban the use and sale of polystyrene disposable food service containers.

The bill does include exemptions for prepared foods packaged outside the county and polystyrene coolers and ice chests specifically designed for multiple re-use.

There is also a one-year exemption that food providers can apply for if they can show that no reasonable alternative to polystyrene containers is available or that the ban would cause significant economic hardship.

About a month ago, the Honolulu City Council deferred a similar bill. Opponents of the Oahu ban testified the bill would cost jobs and put some restaurants out of business while supporters said the bill is necessary to prevent environmental pollution.

The IEM committee hearing is scheduled for July 28 at 1:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber in Wailuku.

For more information on how to submit testimony in person or via email, click on this link.

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