Florida undercover officer helps homeless man being beaten

John Boggs
John Boggs

PLANTATION, FL (WSVN/CNN) – An undercover law enforcement officer came to the aid of a homeless man being attacked by two teenagers in Florida.

It all started when John Boggs, was asking for money outside a Walgreens in Plantation one day in June.

Undercover detective Peterson with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office saw him and gave him a couple of dollars.

Then Peterson noticed two teens acting suspicious around the corner.

He said it looked like they were preparing to rob or attack the homeless man.

The police report said the teens approached Boggs and hit him several times.

But Peterson stepped in and started chasing the teens.

“They were very surprised, they were very surprised, they took off really quick,” Det. Peterson said.

“I’ve seen him again, I’ve thanked him, believe me on that, I’m alive, so everything’s good,” Boggs said.

Peterson was able to immediately arrest one teenager, and the other was arrested a few weeks later.

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