Former instructor addresses law enforcement training during Deedy’s re-trial

Kenneth Amiano, a former law enforcement instructor

A former law enforcement instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center took the stand Friday.

Christopher Deedy, a federal agent, is accused of shooting and killing Kollin Elderts at a McDonalds restaurant in Waikiki in November 2011.

Kenneth Amiano testified a federal officer is trained to draw his weapon as a last resort or when he feels his life is in danger.

“The weapon is used to stop the threat,” Amiano said.

“So what are they trained to do if someone comes toward them after they draw their weapon?” asked defense attorney Thomas Otake.

“Shoot them. Shoot the individual,” he said.

Amiano says federal agents are trained in pre-assault indicators.

“They are told to watch the suspect, the individual they’re talking to and listen to what they’re saying, because people will give you verbal and non-verbal cues, whether they’re going to be compliant or not,” he said. “So pre-assault indicators could be anything that would give you as an officer reason to believe that individual is going to attack.”

Amiano also says federal agents don’t always identify themselves right away.

“Situations are very fluid, very flexible. You just don’t know when you can identify yourself,” he said. “You’re supposed to do it at the most appropriate time and when it’s feasible, but things change rapidly. You may not be able to identify yourself right away, other times you have the opportunity to do it instantly.

“If that person becomes belligerent toward you after you’ve identified yourself as a law enforcement officer, students are taught and trained to create the space, back away, give verbal commands to try and settle the situation down without having to escalate to any type of force,” Amiano said.

Deedy’s first trial ended in a hung jury.

Defense lawyers expect Deedy to take the stand on Tuesday.

Read and watch more of KHON2’s coverage on Deedy’s murder re-trial below:

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