Honolulu streets to be affected by upcoming sewer pipe work

The Dept. of Environmental Services says that traffic will be affected starting Monday, July 28, as construction crews rehabilitate wastewater pipes in and around the Honolulu area.

City crews and contractors will conduct sewer pipe work on the following dates and locations, all work times will be 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.:

Monday: 1526 Alexander St. / (85-984) Mill St.

Tuesday: Wilder Ave. & Metcalf St. / (85-970) Farrington Hwy.

Wednesday: 2039 Metcalf St. / 2017 Metcalf St. / (86-026) Ala Poka St.

Thursday: Dole St. & Metcalf St. / 1946 Metcalf St.

Monday and Tuesday: 1526-1534 Alexander St. / Dole St. & Metcalf St.

Monday through Friday, Aug. 1: 2361 Jennie St. / 2004-2006 Hunnewell St.

Thursday and Friday, Aug. 1: 1616-1628 Martin St. / 2110-2120 Kahaha St.

Click here for the interactive map.

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