Inmate tries to escape OCCC by scaling razor wire fence

Chad Teisina

The Department of Public Safety confirms an inmate tried to escape Oahu Community Correctional Center Thursday morning.

At 9:40 a.m., Chad Teisina tried to scale a 16-foot fence in the recreation yard with razor wire at the top, officials said. There were 84 inmates in the recreation yard at the time.

“It’s good to hear that the ACOs were able to capture this individual and that nobody was able to get out of the prison walls or fences,” said Sen. Will Espero (D-Ewa Beach, Iroquois Point).

An adult corrections officer manning one of the towers saw the 21-year-old running across the yard and immediately notified other officers on the ground. There were three officers in the yard and others manning the towers.

“As the inmate tried to scale up the fence line, we already had an inner perimeter right outside this fence line waiting for the inmate,” said Francis Sequeira, OCCC warden.

Officers surrounded the fence from both sides before Teisina reached the top of the fence, officials said. He was brought down and handcuffed.

“Teisina tried to escape in broad daylight,” said public safety director Ted Sakai. “We don’t know why they do impulsive things like this, but this is the type of person our corrections officers deal with every day and I commend our staff for a job well done in keeping the safety and security of our facilities.”

Teisina sustained puncture wounds to his body from the razor wire and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment before being returned to OCCC, officials said. He will face in-house disciplinary action as well as criminal action for the attempted escape.

Sheriffs are investigating the incident. Teisina was in jail pending trial on first-degree robbery and assault charges.

While nothing has changed in terms of more security the warden pointed out the response time of the officers on duty.

“From the time the person actually decided to bolt and when he was back in custody was less than five minutes,” Sequeira said.

That response time shows that the guards in this case were making sure another escape doesn’t happen again.

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