More animals found dead in Arizona home

(KNXV/CNN) — The owners of an Arizona kennel are again at the center of an investigation after authorities found more dead animals on their property.

Deputies were tipped off Friday that there were two dead rabbits in a pen at Green Acre Kennel in Gilbert.

“We’re still investigating,” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “but evidently the rabbits did not receive proper water, and it’s the heat.”

The rabbits were found right next to the shed where deputies found dead dogs last month. Twenty-three dogs ended up dying, the kennel owners said, when a dog chewed through a wire and cut the air conditioning.

Arpaio said this is a deadly deja-vu he can hardly take.

“My patience seems to be running out.”

It is unknown at this time if the kennel owners will be charged, but they will face a civil suit from the people who owned the dogs that died.

The total animals, now dead in connection with this property, in about a month, is 25.

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