Robbers targeting convenience stores, banks, fast food restaurants

A crime wave is sweeping Oahu.

Police are on the lookout for the suspects who’ve been robbing banks, convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

In most of the unsolved cases, the suspects are all covered up, and that’s what’s making it difficult to identify them.

Police are working really hard to catch the robbers, but they also need the public’s help because they can’t be everywhere at once

So far this year, 97 businesses on Oahu have been robbed.  Lately most of the businesses have been convenience stores, plus seven banks have also gotten hit.

Police believe the person robbing the convenience stores is different from the person robbing the fast food restaurants, and different from the group robbing the banks.

“For total robberies, we are actually lower at this time than we were last year.  But as far as business robberies, we do see an increase,” said HPD Maj. Lester Hite.

Police say over the past several months, almost two dozen convenience stores have been robbed at gunpoint including ABC Superette in Waikiki on June 30, and even the Longs Drugs store in Manoa that same night.

And early Friday morning, the Tesoro gas station on Kapahulu Avenue got robbed.

“He typically wears a hooded jacket.  Sometimes he wears a baseball cap or some other type of cap but he covers his face,” Hite said.

As for the fast food restaurant robberies, the first happened on July 14.  The Jack in the Box in Waipahu got robbed, followed by the McDonald’s in Aiea, the Wendy’s in Royal Kunia, and the Wendy’s in Mapunapuna.

“There are crimes of opportunities.  I don’t think someone is trying to duplicate what someone else is doing.  A lot of them are covering up, so they’re very aware to cover up,” Hite said.

And as for the bank robberies, police are still looking for the men who robbed Central Pacific Bank in Wahiawa, and American Savings Bank in Salt Lake and Pearlridge back in May.

“We’re following up on leads.  We do have tips and leads that come in.  Nothing has been extremely viable to this point.  There are certain things that we’re still following up on that I cannot disclose at this time.  But yes we continue to need the public’s help,” Hite said.

Despite all the recent robberies, thankfully none of the victims were hurt or killed.

If you notice someone suspicious, of have any information that can help investigators with these robberies, call 911.

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