112 cats removed from Las Vegas home

(KLAS/CNN) — What started as a property check is now a hoarding investigation in a north Las Vegas property that inspectors call “horrific.”

Charges are now pending against the owner while the fate of the animals found inside is unclear.

Neighbors were upset over the lack of care for the animals, but this hoarding investigation wasn’t a total surprise to them.

One hundred and twelve cats and one dog were rescued.

North Las Vegas police hospitalized a 47-year-old woman found in horrific living conditions.

Detectives say there was no air conditioning or running water — even several animal control officers had to be treated for heat related injuries.

It was reported that the fumes from the animal feces were unbearable.

The cats are now in recovery at a local shelter but space there is limited.

“A big hoarding case like this puts a strain on us,” said Andy Bischel, director of development at the Animal Foundation, “and that’s why we want to get the word out that we need fosters to get the animals that we have in the shelter now.”

So will the animals have to be put down? Bischel said he hopes not, but it’s possible.

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