Parents gearing up on back-to-school supplies for kids

As the school year approaches for thousands of Hawaii students, parents have been busy trying to find bargains on school supplies, which have been estimated to cost hundreds this year – $669 to be exact.

To make the job a little easier, KHON found some ways families can get the most for their money.

“You definitely want to check and see at home about what you have already. Then take advantage of the back to school deals.” Hawaii State PTSA Jessica Wong-Sumida said.

Wong-Sumida says there are also a number of community organizations making donations to schools where student families may not be able to afford all the supplies.

“So businesses and other community organizations have donated school supplies for families to give away. This is a great way for families to get information about community resources in the area.” Wong-Sumida said.

Meanwhile at Fisher, last minute shopping continued Sunday, where parents are looking for bargains for a school supply list that seems to grow each year.

“You know what, this year has been a little bit more busier than usual. It started about a couple weeks now.” Fisher manager Craig Suyama said. “The list has grown progressively throughout the years where it started with about half a page, now some of the schools have like two pages worth of stuff to get.

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