For music fans at record fair, vinyl is final

These days most people don’t own record players, but for those who do have turntables, or like to collect records, there was this event on Sunday.

It was the third annual Hawaii Record Fair at the McKinley High School cafeteria. Lots to choose from for fans of vinyl, and for them, it’s about much more than the music.

“The warmth of the sound, literally, and the interaction,” said enthusiast and local comedian Shane Price. “You have a physical thing there and you’re a part of the process. You’re dropping the needle, you’re flipping the record, the whole thing is interaction. There’s liner notes — the things that were in the ’40s and the ’50s, they’re on the vinyl record — so you can see who they thank, and you can go and find more people out by reading the liner notes.

“The vinyl record is a journey,” he said. “That’s what it is, that’s what I love.”

Fans also had to chance to talk story with other enthusiasts about their favorite titles.

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