Long wait times at DMVs, solutions in the works

Department of Motor Vehicles, Kalihi

Long lines are nothing new at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In order to get a driver’s license, sometimes you have to spend a few hours, sometimes you have to spend the night.

Now, several viewers tell KHON2 via Report It, that taking a road test can come with a wait time of several months.

“Somebody had to borrow one of my cots to sleep over there because the line gets crazy long,” said one person waiting in line.

“When I first took my test, they said we’re backed up, we are under staffed, so they warned me about it,” said Aviles Wilson, who was waiting for a driver’s test.

KHON2 asked the city why the wait was so long. One reason is that in the summer months, demand goes up, but officials say something is being done.

“So in preparation, we have started hiring additional part-time examiners in June,” said Sheri Kajiwara, director, Department of Customer Service. “Right now we have 15 additional examiners.”

When KHON2’s Brent Remadna tried to sign up for a driving test, the first available date was on October 24. However, we were told that if you keep checking, something sooner could come up.

“I just checked this morning at 9 (o’clock) and there were two open in September and one in August, so they pop up when people come in,” said Kajiwara.

In June, the DMV was able to complete 2,600 road tests. Now, with the additional help, that number is expected to be around 3,000.

While the wait can be long, officials say be patient while they try to make the process speed up.

“We are going to continue to work on it and make sure we are able to meet demand,” said Kajiwara.

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