Schemers pose as BBB, threaten to shut down businesses

Better Business Bureau of Hawaii

For more than 70 years, the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii has worked to protect the public from schemes and fraud.

But now, con artists are pretending to be from the BBB, calling local business owners and threatening to shut the business down if they don’t get personal financial information.

“Consumers have called over the past week and said they have gotten calls from scammers out there that claim to represent the BBB and unfortunately this gets people concerned, because we are there to protect them and they get a call from someone say they are us and try to get money from them. It raises alarms,” said Timothy Caminos of BBB Hawaii.

What’s alarming is the forceful way the scammers are trying to get your financial info.

“They use shock statements and use big government agency names to lend credibility to what they are saying. Business owners just need to step back and do a little homework,” Caminos said.

Remember, the BBB is not affiliated with an government agency and if there’s a problem, they’ll contact you by mail.

If you ever get a threatening call from someone claiming to be from the Better Business Bureau, hang up and call the agency directly to report the scam.

The phone number to call is 536-6956 on Oahu or (877) 222-6551 toll-free from neighbor islands.

Click here for more information about the Better Business Bureau.

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