Close call: Indiana women nearly killed by 100-car train

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR/CNN) — Two women were nearly killed when they got caught on a railroad bridge in Indiana, and their brush with death was caught on camera.

From the train’s security camera, it looked like their final moments.

“Now you see the two subjects here. They’re frankly running for their lives at this point in time,” said Eric Powell, Indiana Railroad.

It happened earlier this month on the 80-foot high Indiana railroad bridge northeast of Bloomington at Lake Lemon just after sunrise.

Powell says people sometimes follow a trail up to the railroad bridge, where they trespass onto the bridge.

There are no walkways on the bridge, because no one is supposed to be walking there. The only things on the bridge are trains and danger.

“It’s private property. You should not be there,” Powell said. “It’s dangerous, but it’s easy for people to get on the tracks and walk on them. Right there is the sound of him putting the emergency brake on.”

The 100-car coal train is making every effort to stop.

The two women have almost no good choices.

“One almost trips and falls off the bridge. The other one, miraculously, gets down,” Powell said.

The train’s engine was across the bridge before it stopped.

“The engineer threw the train into emergency braking as soon as possible. He had thought he had killed the two people here on this bridge,” Powell said.

But incredibly, the women crawled out from under the engine and ran.

The engineer “yelled back and asked them, ‘Are you okay?’ One yelled she had stubbed her toe, otherwise fine. I’m sure their nerves were as shattered as his were,” Powell said.

Indiana Railroad says the women have been identified and will be prosecuted for criminal trespass.

One of these fisherman said he has walked the bridge and another commented, “Just today, I saw people today walking around up there.”

“How they survived that is nothing short of a miracle.”

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