Deedy takes the stand in murder re-trial

Christopher Deedy took the witness stand Tuesday afternoon in his murder re-trial.

The federal agent is accused of shooting and killing Kollin Elderts at a Waikiki fast food restaurant in 2011.

On the stand yesterday, Deedy gave his version of what happened the night he shot Elderts as questioned by his attorney.

Deedy testified he had previously been drinking and bar-hopping with friends while carrying his gun.

He said he had about three drinks and always keeps track of how much he drinks.

Deedy also said he was sober when he entered the Waikiki McDonald’s to get some food.

“That’s pretty much my standard role when I drink in general, when I’m carrying a firearm or not or whatever I’m doing,” he said.

Deedy testified that while in the restaurant, he saw Elderts arguing with another man.

When his attorney was asked what happened next after he showed his badge and identified himself as an agent to Elderts, Deedy said “the exact opposite that I had hoped for. Instead of calming down the situation and Mr. Elderts… it was like it flipped a switch, and now (Elderts) became irate. He came back at me and said something like ‘Wanna arrest me? You got a gun? You gonna shoot me?'”

Deedy will return to the stand Wednesday to be questioned by prosecutors.

The trial is expected to finish by the end of this week and then it’s up to a jury to decide Deedy’s fate.

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