Deedy returns to witness stand, faces prosecution

Christopher Deedy

Christopher Deedy returned to the witness stand Wednesday in his own murder re-trial to finish his testimony and be cross-examined by the prosecution.

Pulling the trigger three times, Deedy said he knew that choosing to fire his gun could kill Kollin Elderts. But the special agent said his objective was to stop a threat.

Time and again, Deedy referred to his training as a federal agent and what he would do in a potentially violent situation. His attorney also talked about that training and what it means.

The events of that November morning were played out once again in court. Deedy talked about the violent confrontation with Kollin Elderts and how at one point, he found himself on his back.

“It’s one of the worst places you can be,” he said. “It’s dangerous and you have to immediately take into account you are at risk of serious injury or possibly death.”

The jury was shown frame by frame video from the Waikiki McDonald’s where the shooting happened. Deedy emphasized that the entire incident happened in a matter of seconds.

“He came forward and ran into my hand and I was experiencing tunnel vision,” he said. “He’s standing right in front of you at this point in my mind, and I’m really scared. This is the moment I’m drawing my gun and it’s something you never want to have to do as a law enforcement officer.”

During cross examination by the prosecution, Deedy was once again asked about his training as a federal agent. He said he had to use his discretion about the situation.

“By exercising your discretion and intending to stop Kollin Elderts, you meant to kill him,” said prosecutor Janice Futa.

“When I chose to fire the gun, the intention was to stop the threat knowing that deadly force will kill someone,” Deedy replied.

Deedy confirmed what happened during those few seconds when he was questioned by his own attorney.

“When you pulled the trigger three times, what was your intent or objective?” asked Thomas Otake.

“To stop the threat in a deadly force situation, to kill the assailant,” Deedy said.

Closing arguments in the trial are expected Friday at the earliest.

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