Democratic candidates for governor reveal plans for future

The Democratic candidates for governor revealed their action plans Wednesday, giving Hawaii voters more insight into their strategies.

Both candidates are confident and committed to their plans and believe it’s more than just a campaign document.

“What I think of them is solid planks in a platform based on Hawaii’s future, that platform is as solid as it can be today with a $664 million positive balance to build on,” said Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

Gov. Abercrombie’s plan is called “Charting Tomorrow” and he says it’s no different from his “New Day” plan, which he introduced four years ago.

Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights: The governor is proposing to provide $100 million to a fund that could be used for workforce housing and to help the homeless. He wants to avoid broad-based tax increases for businesses, and he wants to exceed the 2030 goal of 40 percent renewable energy in Hawaii.

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His opponent, state Sen. David Ige, calls his plan “Engineering Hawaii’s Future.”

“This is not just a campaign vehicle that appears once every four years. It would be something that would drive the state, the administration for the duration of the term,” he said.

The senator wants to collect back taxes to help balance the budget. He also wants to expand tourism by getting immigration pre-clearance for more international travelers, and he wants Medicaid recipients to receive services similar to Kupuna Care.

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One of the issues they disagree on: education and whether to use public money to fund private pre-schools.

It’s no secret that the candidates have different traits. Sen. Ige says he’s more of a listener, but he also told KHON2 he’s still an effective communicator.

“If I had the opportunity to talk to every voter in the state of Hawaii, I am convinced I would win in a landslide,” he said.

When KHON2 shared his comment with Gov. Abercrombie, he responded, “That’s very optimistic.”

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