Hokulea, Hikianalia crews learn rare fishing technique

Hokulea and Hikianalia have reached the Cook Islands after departing Maupiti in the Society Islands several days ago.

While on Maupiti, crewmembers were shown a local fishing technique. This rarely seen technique of stone fishing is similar to Hawaii’s paepae technique.

Fishermen tied rocks to rope and hurled them into the water, scaring fish into a net-like fence made of palm fronds. The fence was then pulled to shore along with the fish.

“By the time we got everything pulled in, there were enough breakages and net lifting that the bigger fish probably got out, but I did physically seem them,” said Hikianalia crewmember Mark Kimura. “This was more a symbolic thing to show us, the traditional style of fishing they held on to.”

More than 1,000 people participated in the activity, which took three days to prepare. Families split the work to make the netting.

Crewmembers were told the last time something like this was done was about 10 years ago.

Photo: Oiwi TV
Photo: Oiwi TV
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