Doctor: anti-aging secrets include environment, weight, exercise

There are many elements that affect our health as we age. One doctor has a theory about how to slow that aging process.

Dr. Bruce Wong is a chiropractor who conducts exercise classes. The intent is to keep his students well rather than trying to treat them after they are sick.

“We are very good in this society on sickness — diagnosing it, treating it and things like that. But if you treat any condition, you’ll never get healthy. So what we have to add more is health, rather than treat sickness,” he said.

Dr. Wong says our physical environment can have a tremendous impact on our health.

“Ninety percent of the brain’s energy is used to relate the physical body to gravity. If it didn’t do that, I’d be a lazy bag of bones on the ground,” he said. “Ten percent of the human brain is for thinking, healing and metabolism. That’s why you hear scientists say you use about 10 percent of your brain, that’s what you’ve got left after gravity.”

As a chiropractor, Dr. Wong recognizes that there are many factors that can affect our health, like being overweight.

“If you think of a crooked nail, if you pound that nail, it will get more crooked. If you think of the human body, if you have alignment problems and you have more weight, the issue will be exaggerated. So definitely you want to be at ideal weight,” he said.

The body has different muscle groups and Dr. Wong says when you exercise those muscle groups, you enhance your chances of healthy aging. He says some of his senior patients say they haven’t used those muscles in years.

There is no time like the present to change that thinking, according to Dr. Wong.

“When you start recruiting them, the benefits of health are added to the individual so a person again will get faster and more stable and stronger as they age instead of the other way around,” he said.

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