Massachusetts fireman robbed while fighting fire

Firehouse thief
Firehouse thief

REVERE, MA (WCVB/CNN) – A woman is accused of ripping off a firefighter… while he was out doing his job.

Firefighters in Revere, Massachusetts, say the theft was caught on surveillance cameras at their station.

“Kids come in, they look at the fire trucks and stuff like that,” firefighter Jamie Nadworny said.

It’s no surprise when a woman and two young children walk into Revere’s Central Fire Station.

“We think nothing of it. We enjoy it actually,” Nadworny said.

But not this time.

Police say the woman stole a wallet left out by Nadworny.

“I was surprised to be honest with you, I never thought anyone would do something like that. I thought it was me at first, maybe I just misplaced it,” Nadworny said.

Nadworny and his fellow firefighters had just finished battling this blaze at the Shipwreck Lounge earlier this month.

His wallet was soaked so he left it by the window to dry, but got called to another fire.

Revere police say 32-year-old Aleesha McEachern, with two kids in tow, took the opportunity and swiped it.

“You’re very trustworthy, firehouses are always open but going back, that’s why the video cameras were put in,” Chief Gene Doherty said.

Video cameras, not just at the firehouse but also at local stores like Target, helped the investigation.

Police say McEachern is shown walking out after using the stolen credit cards.

Nadworny, just one year on the job, says this isn’t going to ruin his outlook on firehouse visitors.

In fact, he’s overwhelmed by the amount of people stopping by to show their support.

“It’s pretty amazing how many people really, you know, do care about it you know. It shows that people really do care you know. It’s nice,” Nadworny said

McEachern faces charges of larceny, identity and credit card fraud.

She is expected to be arraigned on Monday.

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