Maine veteran makes beautiful beaded creatures for charity

Larry Payeur
Larry Payeur

Bangor, ME (WABI/CNN) – A veteran in Maine makes beautiful beaded creatures for charity.

He says it feels good to do something for others.

Here’s the story on how he got started.

“You could do this just as good as anybody else can,” Larry Payeur said.

Six years ago, Payeur’s daughter presented her crafty dad with a challenge. She wanted him to recreate a wire spider pin she had found. Payeur accepted and was successful.

“I started making spiders and graduated from making spiders to creatures. Butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs. Most creatures that walk on the Earth I try to make them,” Payeur said.

The Vietnam and Korean war veteran decided to use his creatures for a good cause. After they’re made, he takes them to a few local businesses where he sells them for five dollars. Then he spends some money on supplies the rest goes to charities close his heart.

“They love them. I sell them quite quickly off the counter here. It’s just a reflection of what nature has to offer and that someone’s contributed to a good cause. A worthy cause,” sandwich shop owner Bruce Guimond said.

One of the charities is the Elizabeth Levinson Center that cares for children and adults with major medical disabilities and another the Bangor Humane Society.

He also likes to give his creatures to strangers just to make them happy.

“I walk up to them and I give it to them and I normally say,’just because you’re here.’ No rhyme, no reason why,” Payeur said.

Although he says making the pins also helps with his PTSD. He says he keeps doing it because he knows he’s making a difference in someone’s life.

“I’m fortunate that I feel as good as I do. I’ve got problems, I’m 100% PTSD and cancer and all that stuff. However, I can still do this for people who can’t help themselves. It makes me feel good,” Payeur said.

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