Sewer work schedule Aug. 4-8

The Dept. of Environmental Services said traffic will be affected starting Monday as construction crews rehabilitate wastewater pipes in and around the Honolulu area.

City crews and contractors will conduct sewer pipe work on the following dates and locations. Work times will be between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Monday: 2125 McKinley St. / 2121 Rocky Hill Pl. / 560 N. Nimitz Hwy. / 2110-2120 Kahaha St.

Tuesday: 2106 Damon St. / 86-246 Kawili St.

Wednesday: 2010 McKinley St. / 1828 McKinley St. / 86-212 Kawili St. / 86-204 Kawili St.

Thursday: 2159 Atherton Road /86-198 Kawili St. / 86-202 Kawili St.

Friday, Aug 8: 2225 Hunnewell Pl.

Monday and Tuesday: Wilson St. & Alu St.

Monday-Wednesday: 1616-1628 Martin St.

Monday-Friday, Aug. 8: Hunnewell St. & Vancouver Dr. / 2003-2025 Aoao Pl.

Tuesday-Friday, Aug. 8: 1939 Waikahe Pl.

Wednesday-Friday, Aug. 8: 2402-2430 Kula Kolea Pl.

Thursday and Friday, Aug. 8: 1723 Kam IV Road (Offstreet).

URL:  Sewer Projects Construction Map

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