Motorcycle stolen from Makiki apartment building

Kawasaki KLX250S

It only took about four minutes for thieves to make off with a $4,000 Kawasaki motorcycle.

It happened on Thursday at a Makiki apartment building.

Surveillance video shows a gold van entering the parking garage and backing into the stall where the bike was locked up and chained to a pillar.

“You can’t see them loading the bike into the van, but throughout the whole day, that’s the only activity that really happened in her stall,” said Tony Lalich, whose motorcycle was stolen.

He filed a police report and posted the video on social media sites, hoping that someone will recognize the van.

“It looked like a Plymouth Voyager, 2006 to 2010. Gold in color. It had chrome wheels, or hub caps, on the left side and black rims on the right,” Lalich said.

The van also has a dark streak near the front passenger door.

We wanted to know what owners can do to protect their bikes, so we went to a local motorcycle dealer to find out.

Workers say you can’t stop thieves from trying, but there are ways you can reduce your odds of becoming a victim.

“You can install an alarm on your bike that will help notify when somebody’s basically taken your bike and put it upright off of the kickstand or if they’re tampering with it if they cut the wires or anything like that,” said Dana Cozby of South Seas Cycles.

She says you can also get a heavy-duty chain made specifically for motorcycles.

“They are made with really good materials, so you can’t just cut ’em with bolt cutters. You can also cover your bike with a motorcycle cover so that people can’t see the precious bike that you have,” Cozby said.

As for the thieves, Lalich has this message: “Just return the bike. As long as it comes in one piece, I’m happy. I just want the bike back.”

Honolulu police have opened an auto-theft investigation.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call police.

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